This seminar is designed for people seeking formal training on weld procedures and will include a blend of classroom and hands-on development of weld procedures. The seminar will emphasize Procedure Qualification Records, Welding Procedure Specifications, and Welder Performance Qualifications. AWS D1.1 standards – material and design, fabrication, inspection and qualification - are used to support the principles presented in this seminar.


Whether you’re a Weld Tech, Certified Welding Inspector, or Welding Engineer, this class will help you take your knowledge of welding code navigation and Welding Procedure Specification development to the next level.


Topics Covered:

·       Welding Safety

·       Welding Processes

·       Welding Management using Procedures

·       AWS D1.1 Prequalified WPS

·       AWS D1.1 Qualification

·       Developing Prequalified WPS

·       Verifying WPS Compliance

·       Welding to Prequalified WPS Developed

·       Testing Weldment Once Completed


CEUs: 2.0


Clock Hours:  20 hours




The Lincoln Electric Welding School opened in 1917 and is the longest-operating welding school in the world. As a global leader in welding education, Lincoln Electric is committed to providing the industry with the most well-rounded and comprehensive welding training programs. We are dedicated to the transfer of knowledge to anyone with a desire to learn the welding trade. It’s time to invest in yourself.


Who it’s for:


Welding Technicians, Welding Instructors, Designers, Engineers, Architects, Production Supervisors, Industrial Engineers, Inspectors and more.

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