Which System Is Right For You?

Explore the different families of robotic welding systems designed to fit your needs, no matter how simple or complex your welding is!

Welding Cobots

Pre-Engineered Cells

Advanced Systems

Automotive Welding

Structural Welding

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New To Robotic Welding?

Get to know the Cooper cobots! Paired with the Cooper App, Cooper cobots make welding easy! Cobots complement the skills of human welders to help improve weld productivity, quality, and repeatability.

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Fab-Pak Systems

Your Go-To System for Robotic Welding

Take your manufacturing to the next level with Fab-Pak® robotic welding systems designed by The Welding Experts® at Lincoln Electric®. Most Fab-Pak standard systems have incredible four-week lead times! Fab-Pak systems can be up and running in one day with flexible commissioning!

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Are You A Robotic Welding Expert?

Pro-Pak robotic welding systems are designed to handle the complex, heavy-duty weld processes in your facility. Advanced manufacturing requires dynamic equipment and technology to keep things operating at a higher standard. 

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Automotive Body & Chassis Welding

Fori robotic welding systems offer solutions for internal combustion engines and electric vehicles, as well as other arc-welded chassis and drivetrain components. Fori’s integrated systems include MIG welding, spot welding, laser welding, projection welding, clinching, self-piercing rivets, flow drill screws, adhesive and dispensing systems, post-machining and piercing stations, parts washing, and measuring systems for coated and non-coated steel and aluminum products.

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Structural Steel Welding

With steel beam assemblers, Zeman brings automation to structural steel fabrication shops. Zeman systems weld and assemble, scan and sort plates, and move plates autonomously through factories from one station to another using state-of-the-art robots and machine vision technology. Zeman focuses on automating the hardest, most dangerous work on the factory floor, improving worker safety while also increasing production speed and precision.

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