Positioning Solutions

Made to Raise Productivity

Identifying the right positioning equipment to handle weldments and assemblies can determine how much faster, better and safely you can weld and manufacture a quality part.

Depending on the application and process, part size, weight and complexity, there are many options manufacturers have to consider.

At Lincoln Electric, we provide a range of positioners with payload capacities ranging from 250 to 140,000 kg and up. Our capabilities include manual and pre-programmable positioners, to fully automated and highly synchronized positioning systems to help manufacturers meet challenging production requirements.

Advantages of Lincoln Electric Positioners:

  • All equipment fabricated in-house at our centralized production facility 

  • Large inventory of products 

  • Industry-leading delivery times 

  • Solutions for moving parts into ideal position for improved accuracy, consistency and profitability

  • Prioritizes workplace safety 

  • Durable and built to last


Positioning Equipment Selection

As experts who are familiar with the needs and nuances of metal fabricators and manufacturers, we provide a wide array of positioning equipment for a variety of industries, processes and applications including:

  • Robotic Positioners

  • Servo Motor Positioners

  • Hydraulic Positioners

  • Electric Positioners

  • Manual Positioners

Industries Served

Manufacturers across multiple industries needing to weld large, bulky or complicated parts rely on our positioners to improve efficiency and reduce waste caused by unnecessary rewelding. Some popular industries that have benefitted from the addition of a Lincoln Electric positioner include:

  • Agriculture

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Heavy Fabrication

  • Transportation

  • And More!


Lincoln Electric’s PowerLift™

Big assemblies can present big challenges. Tackle them all with Lincoln Electric’s PowerLift™, a truly intelligent part positioning system that helps to improve operator safety, reduce missed welds, and increase overall productivity.

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