Robotic Solutions for Tough Foundry Applications

A shortage of highly skilled labor, supply chain disruption and the rising cost of materials present multiple challenges for the metal foundry industry. The good news is, demand for metal casting and fabrication services, driven in part by the automotive industry, is expected to continue on an upward trajectory.

To meet the needs of customers, operations managers need to consider alternative solutions that can help them overcome changing market dynamics while keeping production functioning at a high-level.

Lincoln Electric, a trusted leader in the metal and die casting industry, provides a comprehensive selection of automated products and services proven to improve quality, consistency and cycle times. Whether your goal is to increase productivity, save on materials or provide a safer working environment, the experts at Lincoln Electric can help you come up with a plan to drive your business objectives in a positive direction.

Our Automated Metal Casting Advantage Can Help:

  • Increase output  

  • Stand up to harsh foundry conditions

  • Decrease temperature variation and increase die life 

  • Produce higher material yields with every pour

  • Promote consistent and effective die cooling

  • Increase worker comfort and safety 

  • Provide more consistency and process timing and control

  • Reduce equipment maintenance, repairs and downtime

Spray Metal Casting

Spray Metal Casting

Dependability and reliability is what you can expect from our rugged lineup of atomizers, manifolds, and fully integrated robotic spray solutions.

Traditional atomizers provide consistent lubricant coverage while our pulsed spray technology provides industry-leading output control and quick setup.


Ladle Metal Casting

Automating the transfer of molten metal from the furnace to the mold provides enhanced control over temperature, pouring speed, volume and increases workplace safety on the shop floor.

Lincoln Electric’s two-axis servo-driven ladles have been the industry standard in metal transfer for decades. Our next-generation six and seventh axis ladles represent the latest in metal forming technology with superior control and unique manipulation capabilities.


Extract Metal Casting

Selecting end of arm tooling (EOAT) is a critical part of any casting process and can be expensive if not set up correctly with the right equipment.

Our robust grippers and robotic EOAT options provide increased speed, consistency and reliability during the cooling and trimming process when parts most be picked, placed, moved, handled and manipulated.


Finish Metal Casting

Highly repetitive processes, such as deburring, sawing, sanding and polishing are ideal for robotic applications because they can result in faster turnaround times and handle large volumes of parts with ease.

Lincoln Electric can help you find the ideal application for finishing on complex parts for increased throughput.


Material Handling

Lincoln Electric’s complete turnkey systems provide custom in-feed, conveyor transfer, state-of-the-art vision guidance, rugged construction, custom fixturing, de-palletizing/palletizing, and vision inspection to optimize any step in the foundry process.

Industrial Applications

Our automated metal casting equipment solutions are ideal for metalworkers and fabricators who are looking to optimize system performance for high part yield and quality. Some common industrial applications include:

• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Metal Fabrication
• Heavy Fabrication