Making the Worlds Toughest Jobs Easier

To stay competitive, fabricators of large metal sections of pipe or plate must find innovative ways to meet demand while satisfying high standards and code requirements.

The key is finding the right configuration of mechanized welding equipment – and an expert supplier – who can also identify how you can make the task safer, faster and more cost-effective.

Lincoln Electric understands the unique production challenges and working conditions welders in these applications face and has the in-depth knowledge and first-hand expertise to recommend a solution to address your specific needs and expectations.

The Lincoln Electric Advantage

  • Complete solution from one source

  • Simple programming controls and faster setup times 

  • Systems can be designed and customized for your specific application

  • More consistent weld quality and repeatability

  • Minimize downtime, maximize arc-on time

  • Increased workplace safety and productivity 

  • High-quality construction with 24-7, post-sales support


Technical Capabilities

We offer mechanized systems, manipulators and related accessories for various automated welding applications and processes including submerged arc, MIG and FCAW with advanced positioning and seam tracking technology. 

  • Mechanized Positioning

  • Smart Positioning

  • Manipulators

  • Gantry and Side Beam

  • Seam Tracking Systems

Industrial Applications

Our line of mechanized welding equipment is ideal for any industry concerned with multi-pass welding on long, tall and thick metal plates or pipes, such as penstock or pressure vessels. Some common industrial applications that have sought a Lincoln Electric mechanized solution include:

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Oil and Offshore

  • Pipeline 

  • Structural 

  • Shipbuilding 


Pantheon® Pipe Welding Manipulator

When the job calls from welding a pressure vessel, penstock, or other large projects, you need a welding manipulator that can do the job with reliability.