Dual Maverick 200/200x
Dual Maverick 200/200x
Dual Maverick 200/200x
Dual Maverick 200/200x
Dual Maverick 200/200x
Dual Maverick 200/200x

Dual Maverick® 200/200X (Kubota®)


A high speed, diesel engine-driven welder/generator capable of dual or single operator DC multi-purpose welding. The machine features 120/240 VAC single phase auxiliary power, a user interface screen for advanced features, and patented CrossLinc® and Chopper Technology®. Powered by a 24.8 HP Kubota® D902 diesel engine.


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USD $29,591.00/EA


The Dual Maverick® 200/200X is an advanced engine-driven welder with dual welding outputs. This best-in-class arc welding machine provides substantial power to multiple welding arcs, runs quietly, and promotes fuel savings with variable engine RPM and auto start/stop capabilities. In addition, the machine boasts an advanced user interface on two heavy-duty 4.3” weatherproof LCD screens. These easy setup screens host intuitive user functionalities to keep things simple. The machine is enabled with CrossLinc® technology, which allows the adjustment of machine output at the arc to promote productivity, site safety, and overall weld quality.


  • Optimized Operations – Utilizes a single engine to offer two welding arcs with up to 200 amps of output or choose single operator mode for one arc up to 450 amps of output to promote a more efficient welding environment. Save space and make transportation easier moving one machine instead of two!
  • Advanced User Interface – Features two 4.3" weatherproof LCD screens with an intuitive interface to provide easy setup and increased functionality, and automatically notifies operators of upcoming maintenance needs to help keep the machine running at peak performance.
  • CrossLinc® Enabled – Allows communication through a standard weld cable to enable voltage or current control at the arc without a control cable to help improve safety, quality, and productivity with less trips to the power source and reduced jobsite clutter. Built-in True Voltage Technology™ (TVT) compensates for voltage drop to further improve operations.
  • Quiet Operation – Designed to run at lower noise levels to allow for vital directions or control-related communication near the welding machine to help promote a safer and more ideal welding environment by reducing worksite noise.
  • Fuel Savings – Help to increase fuel savings with variable engine RPM based on welding output level and auto stop/start functionality to avoid excessive idling.
  • Industrial Diesel Engine – Powered by a 24.8 HP, naturally aspirated Kubota® diesel engine. Runs smooth and quiet while meeting EPA Tier 4 Final compliance.


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Product Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (H x W x D) 36.1 in x 27.0 in x 65.0 in (917 mm x 686 mm x 1651 mm)
Net Weight 1160 lbs (526 kg)


Machines Processes Stick (SMAW)
Gouging (CAC-A)
Flux-Cored Self-Shielded (FCAW-S)
Flux-Cored Gas-Shielded (FCAW-G)
IEC Rating Single: 290A / 31.6V / 100% @ 104°F (40°C)
Dual: 170A /26.8V / 100% @ 104°F (40°C)
Max Rating Single: 335A / 33.4V / 60% @ 104°F (40°C)
Dual: 200A / 28V / 60% @ 104°F (40°C)
Output Range by Mode Single Mode: CC-Stick: 50 – 450 A, Downhill Pipe (CC): 50-450 A, Touch Start TIG: 20 – 255 A, CV-Wire: 13 – 40 V, Arc Gouging: 100 – 450 A
Dual Mode: CC-Stick: 30 – 255 A, Downhill Pipe (CC): 30 – 225 A, Touch Start TIG: 20 – 250 A, CV-Wire: 13 – 40 V, Arc Gouging: 100 – 250 A
Open Circuit Voltage 60 Peak OCV at 3600 RPM
Rated Gouging Carbon Diameter 3/8" (9.5 mm)
Number of Operators per Machine 2
Machines Communication Technology CrossLinc

Engine Driven Welders

Single Phase Auxiliary Output 10,000 Watts Continuous, 120/240V
Auxiliary Output Frequency 60 Hz
Receptacle Types NEMA 5-20R
NEMA 14-50R
Engine Brand & Model Kubota® D902
Engine Description 3 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Water Cooled Diesel Engine
Engine Horsepower 24.8 hp (18.5 kW)
Engine Block Size & Displacement 54.8 cu. in (.90 L), Bore x Stroke - 2.83 in x 2.90 in (72 mm x 73.6 mm)
Emissions Rating US EPA Tier 4 Final
High Idle Operating Speed @ Rated Output 3600
Low Idle Operating Speed 2500
Sound Rating @23 ft. (7m) 69 dBA at Low Idle
74 dBA at High Idle
Fuel Tank Size (US gal.) 20 US gal.
Fuel Tank Size (L) 75.7 L
Oil Capacity (qts.) 3.92 qts.
Oil Capacity (L) 3.7 L
Coolant Capacity (US gal.) 0.9 US gal.
Coolant Capacity (L) 3.3 L


Typical Application Construction
Construction & Field Erection
Maintenance & Repair
Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Structural Fabrication
Structural Welding


Warranty 3 Years Parts and Labor - Engine warranted separately by engine manufacturer

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