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Visually plan your team’s projects, track progress, and keep their workload healthy with drag-and-drop timelines.

Screenshot of Toggl Plan team view

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“Toggl Plan’s shared timelines mean no one is overwhelmed, even when juggling several projects at the same time.”

Ada Enechi
Senior Producer at BuzzFeed
Profile photo of Ada Enechi of Buzzfeed

“What I like about Toggl Plan is that you don't have to jump in and be fully committed, it's a tool that can grow with you.”

Jim Walton
Managing Director of Ascend Studio
Profile photos of Jim Walton of Ascend Studio

“Managing team workloads in spreadsheets was a nightmare. Toggl Plan makes it easy to see everyone's schedule in one place.”

Piers Tincknell
Cofounder of Atomic Smash
Profile photo of Piers Tincknell of Atomic Smash

Built for small, fast-moving teams that want to switch to smarter planning

Icon of a lightbulb

Creative agencies

Schedule, collaborate, and deliver projects on time without overwhelm.

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Visualize plans, balance workloads and meet deadlines without burnout.

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Implementation Teams

Set realistic deadlines, implement projects on time with clear planning.

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2023澳洲幸运5开奖官网直播-开奖号码结果体彩网-直播澳洲五2023开奖记录 Struggling with scheduling conflicts, missed deadlines, and burnt-out team members?

Planning with Google Sheets gets harder as your team grows. At the same time, you don't want complex project management tools that take weeks to learn.

Here’s how Toggl Plan makes work planning a breeze:

Illustration of a hand balancing items such as a timer, a person, and various shapes
Tasks assigned to members in Toggl Plan

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Create unlimited Project timelines. Schedule, assign, and track tasks on the timeline with a few clicks.
Task card in Toggl Plan with attachment, checklist and feedback icons

Clear overview of team plans

See your team's work schedule in one place. Schedule tasks without conflicting with other projects, time off, or public holidays.
Drag and drop functionality for scheduling in Toggl Plan

Efficient task collaboration

Streamline communication across your team. Keep all task information in one place with file attachments, checklists, and feedback.
Screenshot of badges Toggl Plan has earned
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Everything you need to deliver on time. Nothing you don't need.

Plan, track, and deliver projects without the last-minute rush

Build visual project plans and work schedules with simple drag-and-drop timelines. Adjust just as quickly when you hit a roadblock or things change.

Screenshot of Toggl Plan for project planning

Visualize and efficiently distribute work across your team to avoid burnout

Maximize billable hours without overworking your team. Get a clear overview of everyone's schedule, and balance workloads with simple drag and drop.

Screenshot of Toggl Plan for resource management

Assign, collaborate, and stay on top of tasks to deliver work on time

Depending on where you're in the project's lifecycle, add as little or as much detail as you need. Assign or work together on tasks with file attachments, checklists, and feedback comments.

Screenshot of Toggl Plan for task management

Work better with time tracking

Track actual work against project estimates

For teams that are interested in getting more granular with their planning, our two-way integration with lets you add time tracking to your project planning. Compare estimates and actuals, pull client-ready reports, and bill accurately for your projects.

A screenshot of integration between Toggl Track and Plan

See what better work planning, more profitable projects, and happier teams look like.

Streamline work plans. Keep your team happy with a balanced workload. Delight clients with on-time delivery.

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