Consumables - Hardfacing Alloys January 11, 2024 United States

Lincoln Electric Announces Fearnley Group Approvals for Lincoln Guardian CF Hardfacing Consumable

FCAW-S Hardfacing Wire Achieves FEARNLEY GROUP NS-1™ Level 2 and 3 Approvals

Cleveland, OH
Outershield Wire, 25 LB Plastic Spool

Lincoln Electric is excited to announce the FEARNLEY GROUP NS-1™ Level 2 and 3 Approvals for Lincoln® Guardian™ CF products. These approvals ensure quality for drilling and well completion equipment and further solidify that these products are the industry leader in quality and performance.

“Fearnley Group, an independent third party, are the authors and developers of the FEARNLEY GROUP NS-1™ Standard.  The protocols for the testing have been developed over the last fifteen years based on their extensive knowledge within the drilling and related equipment spaces.  Fearnley Group has drawn on their deep experience in QA/QC to develop the various standards and testing protocols to minimize the potential of field failures, thus furthering the confidence in operators to utilize materials that have been tested and certified in accordance with the appropriate section of the FEARNLEY GROUP NS-1™ Standard,” says Bill Kiilunen, sales specialist at Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Guardian CF is the industry’s premier, crack free, casing-friendly hardbanding solution, delivering exceptional wear protection while maintaining smooth arc performance for high operator appeal. Lincoln Guardian CF is applicable over both itself and other hardband materials. The product features a unique, uniform glass-forming melt chemistry that allows high undercooling to be achieved during welding. The resulting structure provides ideal performance in slurry abrasive applications, and the lack of large primary carbides enhances the casing-friendly performance.

Typically used in applications such as drill pipes, tubulars, wear pads, and stabilizers, these consumables are incredibly versatile and are available in a 1/16” (1.6mm) 33lb (15kg) plastic spool and a 1/16” (1.6mm) 45lb (20.4kg) fiber spool.

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