Break New Ground for Productivity with Automated Dispensing Solutions

When it comes to dispensing, sorting or filling tasks, today’s dispensing robot technology can provide real cost-saving opportunities through enhanced control and consistency compared to conventional and semi-automatic processes.

Significant advancements in end-of-arm-tooling, vision systems and programming applications have made automated dispensing equipment worthy of deeper consideration among manufacturers seeking to reduce errors and improve accuracy and dependability.

Lincoln Electric carries a variety of dispensing robots that can be aligned to fit your process and quality standards. Whether that involves the transfer of chemicals, glues, powders, inks or other solvents, our dedicated team of experts can help you boost productivity for a fast return on investment.

Our Automated Dispensing Advantage

• Eliminates repetitive and time consuming manual processes
• Lowers rates of dispensing errors
• Increases production speed and output
• Improves workplace safety

Dispensing Capabilities

• Adhesives
• Caulking
• Masking
• Sealant

Industrial Applications

Some popular industries that have benefited from the integration of our automated cladding equipment include:

• Automotive
• Manufacturing