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The multi-equipment option permits the robot controller to control multiple arc welding power supplies simultaneously.


Works well with a single robot arm or multiple robot arms. Supports up to 4 weld equipment. Supports welding with Tandem Torches. Supports welding with multiple robots simultaneously or independently. Supports synchronization of multiple Weld Starts in a task


  • Weld Start instructions specify the weld equipment number to weld.
  • A single weld program can control multiple weld equipment.
  • FCTN “Toggle Equipment” selects which welder is controlled by the Wire+, Wire-, and Gas hard keys on the Teach Pendant.
  • DISP “Display Equipment” selects which weld equipment information is displayed in equipment-specific menus such as Weld I/O, Weld Procedures, Weld Status, etc.



Warranty 1 Year